Christel first arrived in Calgary from Germany with her family and promptly started taking a hairdressing course through her school in grade 10. Once graduated, She moved to Victoria and started her apprenticeship in July 1970 at Gaudio Italian Coiffures where she met her mentor and soon-to-be life partner, Franco. He taught her everything about business and hair. She finished her training at Malaspina (Now Vancouver Island University), Married Franco and had 2 beautiful children.

As a child, Christel would visit the hair salon with her grandmother; she adored how the room smelled with all the products in the air. Now, Christel loves seeing people leave her shop with a smile on their face and good hair on their head. Doing hair for the third generation of clients now makes her feel so proud and accomplished.

    Christel specializes in:

  • Razor cuts and texture
  • Hairstyles & cuts
  • Colourist

Christel is always prompting the staff to have fun while at work and has a  nurturing presence that will make you feel extra loved.

Fun fact: Shes loves to have a nice cup of espresso on her deck at 6:30 every morning!